STARS Theatre

STARS have just completed a major overhaul of the stage and technical installation we have at St Augustine’s Parish Centre.

The changes included a full upgrade of the truss system above the stage. We have installed a fully winchable tuss, which allows our technicians to drop the rigging to a safe working height, rig the lights and set, and then winch the rig back up to operation height. This give us much more flexibility with sets and how the stage can be used from show to show.

We also installed our brand new black curtain set. We can now create a full black box stage which looks great day to day, and also gives us a blank canvas to work with.

Another big upgrade was to change the lighting bars within the hall and to future proof the systems we have. We now have installed network links from stage to the front of house where we operate, this enables us to easily connect the control systems when a show is on.

The Adventures of Mr Toad was the first show to use the systems, and it all worked perfectly!

Our latest performance of The Adventures of Mr Toad were reviewed by NODA, you can read the review here