Our Committee

STARS like many groups is governed, directed, but mostly supported, by a committee. It is made up of ordinary STARS members who volunteer, and are voted in at the AGM. Some of our committee are specialists in various areas of amateur theatre, and some are generalists providing ideas and commentary on a range of areas. We find that membership of the committee changes healthily, as members take a back seat or get busy with other aspects of their lives. We welcome the ‘new blood’ that this brings, and which helps to keep our group fresh and forward looking. We are rarely short of willing volunteers to join the committee!

Our committee meet monthly to discuss:
◦ Finances
◦ Event Calendar
◦ Plays & Future Productions
◦ Purchasing & Equipment
◦ General issues
◦ Safeguarding and Health and Safety

The committee are always open to ideas for the group, or offers to produce a play. Let us know using our contact page if you would like to help, or have an idea.

Who are we?

Any of our committee members will be happy to answer any questions you might have about our group. They are:

Chair – Martin McLean
Secretary – Vacant
Treasurer – Alan Anderson
Jan Scott
Kath Webber
Carolyn McGuckin
Anne Frank
Carol Keen
Jo Potter
Tony Conway
Phil Park
Kathleen Diamond
John Turver
Adrian Frank
Brian Coady
Annie Lunn
Peter Power